Is Avalon Life a cloud mining company?

No. Because of rapidly rising difficulty and the increasing “hardware war” in the mining industry, Avalon Life does not offer mining packages at the moment.

What is Avalon Life?

Avalon Life S.A. is a company that offers education and innovative solutions in the field of blockchain technology. In the spring of 2016, Avalon Life started to introduce the concept behind blockchain technology to a broad international audience of free thinkers and early adopters. In order to open participation in this new technology for as many people as possible, Avalon Life launched a referral marketing model and was the first provider to introduce mining packages with the X11 algorithm into the market. The number of Avalon Life members increased rapidly within just a short period of time and Avalon Life evolved into one of the most significant mining providers for the crypotocurrency Dash. At the same time, product development with a focus on environmental sustainability was established with the target to combine this new technology with the vital objective to meet social responsibility.

Fueled by the fast evolution of blockchain technology, Avalon Life entered into strategic partnerships around the globe and today offers a unique range of solutions in blockchain technology in almost all sectors of this industry.

When was Avalon Life established?

Avalon Life S.A. was established as joint stock corporation in May 2016 with registration number 3-101-715204 in HR San José. The official start of operations was on August 1, 2016.

Where are the headquarters of Avalon Life?

The headquarters of Avalon Life are located in Costa Rica and can be reached at

Avalon Life S.A.
Calle Blancos del Colegio de Microbiólogos 50 metros al Oeste
San Jose (Goicoechea) 20801
Costa Rica

Why are the headquarters of Avalon Life located in Costa Rica and not in Europe?

Costa Rica is known as “Switzerland of Central America” and is the home to the headquarters of numerous international concerns. Legislation is enterprise-friendly and open to new technologies, such as blockchain technology. Also, Costa Rica is the first nation that is going to be carbon-neutral since its complete energy supply is generated exclusively through renewable resources. Costa Rica is blessed with beautiful beaches, a unique flora and fauna and some regions have been awarded the status of being among the world’s top climate zones.


How can I get started with and buy Bitcoin?

Here are some links we recommend you visit for getting started:

  • Bitstamp – the best address for bank transfers in the EU and EU customers
  • BlockChain.info – international solution with easy handling
  • Kraken – one of the big BTC Exchanges
  • Coinbase – the big player, great for customers in the US / bank transfers
  • Bitpanda – exchange in Europe (bank transfers and credit card payment)
  • Bitpesa – easy handling for customers in Africa
  • Cubits –  one of the leading exchanges in Europe
  • Localbitcoins – instant, secure and private, P2P BTC trading
  • KuCoin – is another rapidly growing crypto currency exchange
What is a cryptocurrency?

Please see here for further information.

What is mining?

Mining is the process through which cryptocurrencies are “created” or “confirmed“. Please note that because of rapidly rising difficulty and the increasing hardware war in the mining industry, Avalon Life does not offer mining packages at the moment.


Can I bequest my Avalon Life Account?

Every account can be bequeathed. In the sad case of a death, please submit the death certificate and confirmation by the administrator of the estate of the deceased to the support and the account will be transcribed.

Can I trade cryptocurrencies into Euro, US-Dollars and other currencies?

Yes, you can via exchange platforms around the world. Please get in touch with your local Avalon Life contact if you require further assistance.

What about taxation of my purchases?

Please note that we cannot give recommendations regarding your individual situation concerning taxes. We advise you to contact your local tax consultant to receive consultation on your taxation matters.

What are my obligations towards Avalon Life?

Avalon Life is a community of like-minded people around the globe who want to achieve financial independence and also to support other people and to save the environment. Each member commits to adhere to the Code of Ethics of Avalon Life and to meet other people with respect and appreciation.


How does Avalon Life calculate the exchange rate of Bitcoin into PURA?

Avalon Life utilizes the APIs of Coinpayments or Coinexchange for the most favorable exchange rate. Other exchanges only offer mixed rates based on all markets in proportion to volumes traded and values thus do not represent individual markets.

What happens if I do not extend my partnership?

If your partnership expires and you do not prolong it for another year, you will be listed as customer from that point and no longer have access to your all-inclusive advantages and financial reimbursements as partner.